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What is Buy Black Lansing?

Buy Black Lansing is the most organized and expansive list of Black and minority-owned businesses in Greater Lansing and mid-Michigan. Covering industries from groceries to health & beauty to lawncare to events and more! 

How will a listing on Buy Black Lansing help my business?

You will have exposure to both new clients and potential partners. Our work doesn't stop at just listing your business. We will highlight businesses on our website and in our newsletter. We will partner with other organizations and members of the media to get the word out about the site and the amazing services Black and minority-owned businesses are offering in our area. Be ready for the next Blackout! People are going to find you!

What kinds of businesses can be listed on this site?

Any Black or minority-owned business can be listed on Buy Black Lansing. The more industries, the better. 

How can I update my information?

Need to update your information? Great. We'd love to provide more info to potential customers. Just fill out the form below and let us know what needs to be updated or, if it includes an attachment of your logo, send an email to


Get in touch! I'd love to hear from you.

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